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Aluminum die casting & Zinc die casting solutions for high volume producing of metal parts

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Dong Guan Kingcasting Hardware Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of high-quality aluminum and zinc die casting products. Utilizing advanced production equipment as well as industry leading die casting methods and experience, we provide customers with outstanding die casting solutions. Over the years, KingCasting has s uccessfully developed 137 sets of die casting molds for customers. Our main products include TV accessories, lighting fixtures, automotive components, heat dissipation parts, electric tools, and more. In addition to our standard line of products, depending on drawings supplied by customers, we can perform design for manufacture (DFM) services, moldflow analysis, product die casting, and post processing. The primary goal of KingCasting is to deliver the best quality aluminum and zinc die castings to our customers.

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Dongguan KingCasting Hardware is a specialized manufacturer of die cast zinc and aluminum alloy parts. We can perform raw material die casting, grinding, brushing, CNC machining, drilling, tapping, sandblasting, electroplating, as well as a number of other surface treatments.

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