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Kingcasting specializes in mass production of die casting parts for any kind of markets. We have served hundreds of customers all over the world. The main terminal customers include DELL, HP, Lenovo, AOC, PHILIPS, IKEA, BMW, COGNEX, etc.

Dongguan KingCasting Hardware is a specialized manufacturer of die cast zinc and aluminum alloy parts. We can perform raw material die casting, grinding, brushing, CNC machining, drilling, tapping, sandblasting, electroplating, as well as a number of other surface treatments.

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Dong Guan Kingcasting Hardware Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.11 Heshi Road, Hekeng Village, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Contacts: Haoming Liu
Contact Number: +86-769-83454768
Fax: +86-769-87000368
E-mail: liuhaoming@kingcasting.net

Contacts: Feng Shi
Contact Number: +86-13631788115
E-mail: feng.shi@kingcasting.net